Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in China West Normal University & Study in cwnu

Application and Registration Procedures

I. Application documents submitted

Application Form for Admission of CWNU and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(accompanied with personal photos ) which can be downloaded from our website. The applicants could also contact with the Foreign Affairs Office of CWNU asking for these forms of application.

Senior high school diploma, original or certified copy. The graduating students should submitoriginal graduation certificate .( Documents that are not in English or Chinese need to be officially translated and certified , and then be submitted along with the original)

Academic transcripts or courses achievement during the whole process of senior high school study, original or certified copy. (The certified copies should be officially translated in English or Chinese.)

HSK Certificate (original or certified copy), or other documents supporting his Chinese language proficiency such as certificates of high school courses which were taught mainly in Chinese,etc.

Copy of valid foreign passport

Note: All the documents will not be returned to the applicants whether the application is successful or not.

II. Application procedures

a) Apply on line (fill and submit the Application Form for Admission of CWNU on line). And then send the completed application form, all the relevant documents as listed above, and the registration fee together to the Foreign Affairs Office in CWNU. Documents should be sent before the application deadline. Straight applications in person or entrusted with friends are welcomed to our Foreign Affairs Office on campus.

b) To qualified and accepted student, an admission notice and a JW 202 Form will be granted, with which, and together with Physical Examination Record for Foreigner, a visa can be issued at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

Note: Those whose term of study is shorter than 6 months should apply for Visa F; Those whose term of study is longer, for Visa X.

III. Registration fee: RMB 400.00

Note: The registration fee (in cash or by transferring accounts) is to be sent together with the relevant documents when you apply, which will not be returned whether the application is successful or not.

IV. Commencement of the program:

a) Program Commencement Date: Mid of September each year. Precise details will be given in the admission notice. Flexible time arrangement is granted for advanced students, Chinese Language learners and those short-term students. Students are required to register within the notified dates with the Admission Notice and JW 202 Forms. Those who fail to register within 15 days after the deadline without necessary procedure for postponement permission will be refused.

b) Taught Component: 4 years for all the undergraduate programs

c) The total length of a program will be between 4-6 years (including the school suspension, student’s status reservation, etc.)

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