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Requirements for International Students

Current university regulations do not require overseas students to take entrance examinations, although various documents are required at enrolment for confirmation of qualifications. The appropriate letter of admission and Visa Clearance Form ( JW202 ) are sent out as soon as the student is confirmed in a place. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

Categories for Overseas Students Admission

CWNU offers programs for undergraduates, masters, senior visiting students, general visiting students, Chinese language learners, language short-term students and teams.

All the courses for undergraduate program will be conducted in Chinese. Part of the Master’s Degree Program courses can be conducted in English at the applicants’ request.

a) General Requirements for Admission

The following are the general requirements for international students applying for admission.

Candidates should hold a non-Chinese passport and be in good health.

Candidates apply for degree program should be under 40 years old and non-degree program under 60 years old.

b) Chinese language proficiency

Applicant for programs in humanities should get the HSK Certificate of intermediate rank C ( Level 6 ) or above;

Applicant for programs in science should get the HSK Certificate of elementary rank C ( Level 3 ) or above;

Applicants can apply for preparatory Chinese language training in ChinaWestNormalUniversity and then take the HSK test held between March and April, or October and November each year in Oversea Education College of Sichuan University in Chengdu.

Students whose high school courses were taught mainly in Chinese are not required to have the HSK Certificate.

c) Specific requirements for different programs

Undergraduate candidates should have at least high school diploma and be in good health.

Master’s Candidates should apply with certificates of Bachelor's Degree or higher degree and be in good health.

General Advanced Students (non-degree): Undergraduate Diploma and good health are required.

Senior Advanced Students (non-degree): Diploma of Master’s Program or equivalent and good health are required.

Advanced Students of Chinese Language Learning (non-degree) should be in good health.

Short-term Students (non-degree) should have at least high school diploma and be in good health.

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